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News & Notice
Subject KU ISC 2019 Blackboard Acess
Writer ISC
Date 06-18-2019 Tue, PM 04:02 Hits 5641
Files Basic Blackboard Guide 2019.pdf (933KB)
Dear KU ISC students,

We are excited to inform you that the Blackboard is now available to KU ISC participants.

You can check your course materials, assignments, and grade on Blackboard. Please check notices on blackboard from professors and ISC staffs daily basis. We are going to share important information with you via Student Community on Blackboard.

1. How to access the Blackboard

Please take a look at the attached guide on log in process.

(KU regular students also need to follow the process and use KU ISC ID & Password to access KU ISC courses.)

2. No Blackboard Access from July 19(Fri) to July 25(Thur).

KU will move its Blackboard server into Amazon Cloud during the KU summer break. Because of this university-level project, all KU ISC participants including professors, students and staffs can not use the Blackboard from July 19(Fri) to July 25(Thur). Please download your course materials in prior to the server relocation period noted above and make necessary preparation for your courses.

Please note cultural activity sign-up forms will be available on Blackboard after the program begins. You will hear from us on how to sign-up for the cultural activities soon.

Thank you.

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