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News & Notice
Subject [KU ISC 2022] Transcript Request Notice
Writer ISC
Date 08-04-2022 Thu, AM 10:38 Hits 908
Files Transcript request.xlsx (10KB)
(This Notice is only for International and Pre-college students)
Dear 2022 KU ISC Students,

Warm greetings from the KU IWC Office!

Congratulations on successfully completing ISC program - we are overwhelmed and utterly grateful for all the support and enthusiasm our students showed this summer during this difficult time.

The end of the program means your grades and transcripts will be out soon! Your grades will be updated on the Blackboard 'My Grades' section by Aug 8th. If you can't see it, please contact your Professors directly and ask them.

In order to receive your transcripts, all students must complete the mandatory Final Course Evaluation Survey.

The survey menu can be found on Blackboard for all courses - please complete them for every course you are enrolled in by Aug 8th if possible.

Transcripts will only be issued to students who completed all the surveys for each of the courses they took.

Please note that your responses will be kept strictly confidential and anonymous.

Transcripts will be issued starting Aug 17th

During the grade confirmation period(Aug 8 - 11), students can consult their Professors about their grades and make changes if necessary.

Transcripts are available electronically or by physical mailing(EMS/DHL) - please check below and request whichever you prefer.

※ Upon Request ※

Submit Google Survey to request for the following:
- Google Survey Link: https://forms.gle/EA8vnfQUZMPdRVFb9
- Please finish the survey by August 31th
- If you can not access the google form, please fill out the attached form and reply to us.
- Please write the address in ENGLISH Format. (한국 주소는 한글로 기재)

1. Online E-Transcripts sent to email addresses requested (directly to home institution/personal email etc.) - transcripts emailed directly to your home institution by us may be considered official, depending on their policy

2. Hard copy sent by EMS/DHL to requested address - free of charge for the FIRST delivery of one package, fees charged for next deliveries.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all.

Once again, congratulations KU ISC 2022 graduates!

Best wishes,

KU IWC Team.
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