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Course & Faculty
Special Notice for KU ISC 2022
KU ISC 2022 classes are composed of both online/in-person lectures in which we call these as “Blended class.” What it means, we will operate the physical presence classes on the campus so those who can come to Korea or already in the country are able to attend these classes. At the same time, the professors will conduct live-streaming of the class he/she is teaching, so those who can’t come to Korea or the in-person class can participate the class in real-time. Now, you may wonder at this point, what if I can’t go to Korea but have big time differences so that it’s quite a non-sense to attend those live-streaming classes? Don’t you worry! The professors will upload the recorded ones after the classes. Hence, you can watch those lectures on your own.

But note that, the courses entitled with “Online only” have no physical lectures. Therefore, you only have two options for these classes: attend a live-streaming class & watch a recorded lecture..
Minimum/Maximum Registration
Students can take up to a maximum of three courses.
Each class is worth 3 credits.
Changing Course Registration
  1. Until the registration deadline: You can change course registration at Change Application
  2. The first Week of the program: Course add/drop period (Email: isc@korea.ac.kr)
*** It is the student's responsibility to make sure his/her registration is correct. Any failure to do so will be reflected on his/her final grade.
Preparing Course Materials
Students are responsible for textbooks and course readers for their registered courses. Please refer to the syllabus for detailed information or contact professors by email and prepare for the course materials before arrival. Textbooks for Korean Language courses are only available at Korea University bookstore.
Code Course Title Track Period Faculty Faculty’s Home Institution
Introduction to Water Treatment and Public Health
4W 1 (09:00~11:30)
Jaehong Kim
Yale University
Data-Driven Modeling
4W 2 (12:20~14:50)
Hyun-Seob Song
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Technical Communication for Engineers and Scientists
4W 1 (09:00~11:30)
Jeffrey Pyun
University of Arizona
Micro/Nano Machining
6W 1 (09:00~11:30)
Jeong Bong Lee
The University of Texas at Dallas
Issues and Theories in International Relations
6W 2 (12:20~14:50)
Young Soo Kim
Loyola University New Orleans
Qualitative Research Methods
4W 1 (09:00~11:30)
Angie Y. Chung
University at Albany
Students are entitled to choose up to three courses from the KU ISC Graduate Program and/or among all other regular KU ISC courses. You may follow the link to find the list of all courses: Click to move
Students may contact KU ISC directly regarding detailed course information. Please note that it is not guaranteed that credits earned at KU ISC are transferable to students’ home institutions / future home institutions. The Academic authorities of the home institutions will assess credit transferability of a particular course based on their policies and interpretations.
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