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News & Notice
Subject ※ Extended deadline due May 31st (Wed) ※
Writer ISC
Date 05-16-2017 Tue, AM 11:30 Hits 4651
Hello, all!

Here we are in the middle of May. Not too long before ISC 2017 begins!
As many of you are requesting the extension of the date of application, we have decided to extend the application and registration deadline to May 31st, 2017!

※ Application & Registration deadline: due May 31st (Wed) ※

In order to complete the application procedure, students should:
-make full payments of application fee, tuition, housing fee
-submit 3 required documents: 1) academic transcript,  2) passport copy,  3) proof of insurance

As to how to make the payment, please refer to the information below:

1.        By credit card:
- overseas issued credit card ONLY
- VISA or Master Card issued in Korea is NOT ACCEPTED

2.        By wire-transfer:
- Students may wire-transfer the fee to Korea University. A 14-digit virtual account number will be given to EACH APPLICANT when you complete the online application.
   ex. 391-XXXXXX-XXXXX (International Summer Campus, 국제하계대학)

- FAQ: Where can I find my virtual account number?
    summer.korea.ac.kr  →  Registration →  Apply Here  → Complete Payment → enter ISC student no. → Click ‘Pay by Wire Transfer’  → Virtual account no. will show

3. You can confirm if our office received your payment via our website.

Step1. Go to following link: http://summer.korea.ac.kr/all/src/regist/apply.php
Step2. Click View and Change application button and login in with your student ID
Step3. Find “Payment History” section at the bottom of the page.

Looking forward to receive extraordinary applications for KU ISC 2017!

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