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News & Notice
Subject Internship Notice (KU ISC 2021)
Writer ISC
Date 03-24-2021 Wed, PM 05:35 Hits 632
Dear KU ISC 2021 Internship applicants,

Thank you for your interest in KU ISC 2021 and Internship Program.
Although we are still affected by COVID-19 circumstances, KU ISC 2021 Internship Program will operate as usual. Please check the schedule and notice below.

Schedule: https://summer.korea.ac.kr:5000/all/src/program/internship.php

 All internship participants must be able to enter Korea and complete their 2-week self-quarantine before the Internship OT date (2021. 5. 28).
 The accepted applicants might face some schedule issues (flights, etc.) after being notified of their results due to the self-quarantine period.
To avoid this kind of situation, we recommend students who are ①already in Korea or ②able to visit Korea beforehand without issuance of visa to apply for the internship program.
 Due to the tight schedule, please follow the informed schedule and make sure to check your email regularly.
 Students who are accepted to the Internship program will receive 3 academic credits (P/F), meaning that students cannot take 3 courses with the internship. For credit transfer, students must consult with their school beforehand.

List of available internship companies for this year
- Mobility Solutions Korea (http://globalmsk.com/) : SNS Marketing / Contents Making
- BKL DONGCHEON Foundation (http://www.bkl.or.kr/eng/) : Operation / Business Assistance
- Research Institution of Korean Studies (https://riks.korea.ac.kr/) : Kor-Eng Translate / Business Assistance
- EBS (http://www.ebs.co.kr/) : International Communication

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