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News & Notice
Subject All Offline Courses switch to Online Format (~7/25)
Writer ISC
Date 07-09-2021 Fri, PM 01:59 Hits 2087
Files Government Policy - All Offline Courses switch to Online Format.pdf (257KB)

To Students enrolled in Offline Courses,

We regret to inform this news to you who have been looking forward to in-person classes. As the Covid-19 situation in Korea became serious within the past week, the government announced to raise the level of Covid-19 prevention in the metropolitan area to the ’highest level’ by July 23 (two weeks).

All courses must only be in an online format and in-person courses are not allowed for ‘highest level’ quarantine phase. Therefore, for the safety of students, professors, and staff, ISC will switch to an online format till July 25th unfortunately. The government and the university will decide whether to resume in-person courses. We will notify you again if it does resume.

Please revise the following quarantine rules applied for the ‘highest level’ stage
1. Do not go out often, Leave only if inevitable
2. Personal Meetings only allowed for a maximum of 4 people (2 people only after 6 PM)
3. Restaurants, Pubs, etc. only allowed until 10 PM (Restricted seats)
4. Multi-Use Facilities (Clubs, Karaoke, etc.) are strictly prohibited
5. Various events and group sports are not allowed

If you violate the quarantine rules, you and the business owner will be fined a considerable amount given by the quarantine law. In addition, legal actions may take place depending on the situation. Therefore, please make sure that you comply with the quarantine rule given by the government. To repeat, the current Covid-19 situation in Korea is very serious. Therefore please refrain from going out and having personal gatherings. Additional information will be notified via email afterward. Therefore please check your email on daily basis.

Thank You.

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