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News & Notice
Subject Special benefit for Returnee students to ISC
Writer ISC
Date 01-05-2022 Wed, PM 04:45 Hits 941

Dear Students,
At the start of IWC 2021-22, due to the resurgence of COVID-19, we abruptly had to switch to online class. Therefore, we decided to provide a special benefit for students to show our appreciation for understanding the situation.
As previously announced during IWC 2021-22, students who applied for IWC 2021-22 are eligible for special benefit when applying for ISC 2022. (regardless of registration/cancellation for IWC 2021-22)
The benefit is offered only to those students who enroll in 2 or more courses.

- Must have applied for IWC 2021-22 (regardless of registration completion/cancellation)
- Must register for 2 or more courses in ISC 2022
- Must be an international student

Discount: KRW 400,000 (*per student)
※ Students receiving this Special Discount are not eligible for the Early Registration Discount and/or Re-Enrollment Benefit.
※ The amount is limited to KRW 400,000 per student no matter how many courses the student registers for.

Please join us again this summer!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Best regards,
ISC 2022

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