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How do I apply for a summer student visa for foreigners?
It is the student’s responsibility to be issued the correct type of Visa in advance at the Korean Embassy or Consulate Office. Nationals of countries or regions where Korea has signed a Visa waiver agreement may enter Korea without a Visa. However, students from countries which are excluded from the Visa waiver agreement program must apply for a short-term study Visa (D-2-8) on their own.
Please refer to the following link:
When do I know the result of my application?
You will be notified on the result within 2 weeks after the application fee and your transcript is received.
What is the difference between KU Pre-College and ISC?
While ISC is offered to university stduents, KU Pre-College is designed for high school students and graduates who are academically motivated.

How do I add a course after I submit the online application form?
You have to log in with your application ID (students receive an automated email regarding their application information if they successfully complete application form) and password and change the information on course selection menu. You can change/edit/cancel courses until the registration deadline.
After the classes begin, you can still change the course if you have admission of professor from June 27th to June 30th. In this case, you must visit the Student Support Office at Woodang Hall and fill out the ‘Course Permission Slip’
How do I know which level of Korean Language Courses to apply for?
Korean Language proficiency tests are given on the first day of class, Wednesday June 28, 2017.
Registered students will be notified of the test results on the notice board.
What can I do if I cannot sign up for the course because it has already been filled?
You can change the courses until the registration deadline and it is recommended to check whether it is filled or not frequently before the add/drop period ends.
After classes begin, you can still attend the course if you have admission of professor from June 27th to June 30th.
(In this case, you must fill out the "Course Permission Slip" from the Student Support Office at Woodang Hall.)
How can I transfer credits to my home institution?
It is students’ responsibility to inquire their college/university about the necessary process. Please refer to Credit & Grading for more details.
When do I receive my transcript?
Official transcripts will be sent out from the end of August after the end of the program.
You will receive your transcript by the third or fourth week of September to the mailing address you indicated. Also, if you have taken our ISC program before, you can always request your official transcript via mail at isc@korea.ac.kr.
How should students prepare for ISC courses?
Students have the full responsibility to prepare for their selected course materials. Please refer to the course syllabus at Course & Faculty to prepare for class materials before arrival. If professors use course readers for their classes, students may purchase the course reader in Korea University's Copy Center upon arrival. If professors use textbooks for their courses, students are responsible to purchase the requested textbooks before their arrival on campus. Textbooks for Korean Language courses are only available at Korea University bookstore. Students may contact the professors directly regarding additional course materials needed.
What are the academic expectations for students?
Students are expected to be familiar with the course and website. You can download course syllabus at Course & Faculty. Given the short length of time, students are advised to preview the course information prior to arrival in Korea University.
Students are expected to attend class everyday as "Class Participation" is a part of our grading policy.
Students must also complete a high volume of reading and homework assignments.
Please note that this is a semester (12 weeks) condensed into 6 weeks. One class workload will be equivalent to what you will learn in a week in the normal semester and you will not succeed if you miss classes and try to cram right before final exams.
Can I transfer my KU-Pre College program credits?
Please note that it is not guaranteed that credits earned at KU ISC are transferable to students’ future home institutions. The academic authorities of the home institutions will assess credit transferability of a particular course based on their policies.

Students who wish to have the course credits transferred to their home institutions must consult with the offices of international affairs at their home institutions in advance by showing our course syllabi posted online.

When is the payment deadline?
Application fee must be paid by Wednesday May 17, 2017. The payment deadline for the tuition and dormitory fee is Friday May 26, 2017.
Payment by credit card doesn't work well
Please check followings:
- If your web browser is NOT Internet Explorer, try again via Internet Explorer.
- When your Explore's security level is too high, payment process would not work. Lower the security level and try again.
- If a message saying "I will see only safe information" pops up, click on "No"
- After you enter your application number, press F5 or refresh the page, then it should reload the page and make you download a Inicis Inipay Plugin.
- Once you download it, just go back to your paying page. Then payment window will pop up.

Please, verify credit card information and register the personal identifying message of the credit card holder on the authentication page provided by credit card issuer to use VISA and MASTER and JBC card online. Please click on 'Visa/Master/JBC 3D Info' on the paying window.
1) Credit cards verified by VISA 3D : VISA, MASTER, JBC
2) Credit cards following is not verified by VISA 3D : DINERS
How do I know whether my payment went through?
Please go to 'Registration' and then select 'View/Change Your Application'.
What happens if I have overpaid for the fee?
KU ISC office will be in touch with you by email to return any overpaid amount.
What is the cancellation and refund policy?
Please refer to Fees & Payment.

What if I arrive late for my program?
All students are expected to be present for the first day of class given the intensity and short length of our program.
You should make every effort to arrive on time. If you cannot arrive for the first day of class you should notify your professors asking for permission to your late arrival. The professors’ contact information will be on their syllabi. If you get confirmation on your late arrival, please also notify us as well by sending an email to isc@korea.ac.kr so that we can make sure your security status.
Can I stay in the dormitory before official move-in date if I arrive earlier?
It is students' responsibility to find appropriate accommodation where he/she is going to stay until dormitory move-in date. Due to previous reservations, it is impossible to accept early move-in.
Does Korea University's Office of International Affairs provide airport pick-up service?
KU ISC will provide Complimentary Shuttle Bus Service from Incheon International Airport.
You may take our shuttle bus from Incheon Airport to the dormitory. There is no extra fee for the shuttle service. Please be advised that it only runs on June 25 and 26.
Are meals included in the housing fee?
A Meal Plan is not included in the housing fee.
There is a cafeteria in CJ I-House where you can buy continental breakfast, and another cafeteria which serves three meals a day is located between CJ I-House and Frontier House. There is an array of mini-restaurants and bars on and off campus where students can buy meals ranging from KRW3,000 to KRW10,000.
Do I have to pay extra fee for Day Trip?
All day field trips and cultural immersion programs are complimentary and participation is optional, not mandatory.
What kinds of extracurricular programs are available at KU ISC?
KU ISC students can taste the unique culture of Korea by going on various day trips to places like the DMZ, Gyeongbok Palace, and Lotte World Amusement Park. Also, there are special lessons such as Taekwondo and K-Pop dance.
You can find out more about our field trip here and cultural immersion program here.

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