Dear students,

Hello, this is KU ISC Office.

KU ISC's website has recently been renewed.

To stabilize the website, the old website ( ) will be maintained and closed until January 2024.

Clicking on certain buttons or Google search results may lead to a connection with the old website. 

In such cases, while there may not be significant differences in content between old and new website, please be sure to check the details on the new website as they may differ from the latest policies.

The LOGIN button at the top of the website is for "administrators" only. 

International Winter Campus applicants cannot log in via this button, but if you wish to check or modify your submitted application, please use the Apply & Pay menu.

Also, access for learning management system will be available at June.

If you have any inquiries regarding this, please contact us via email at

Thank you.

KU ISC Office