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Korea University International Summer Campus


01 How can I pay the fees?

Fees can be paid through Flywire and Direct Transfer methods.

For Flywire, payment can only be made in foreign currencies such as USD, and it can be completed via the "Apply & Pay - Complete Payment" menu. Flywire supports credit card payments, quick payments, and bank transfers.

For Direct Transfer, payment is only possible in KRW. Each applicant will receive their unique virtual bank account, and the individual virtual account number can be found on the confirmation screen immediately after applying for KU ISC, in the email, or in the "Apply & Pay - View/Change Application" menu.

02 When do I receive my transcript?

Information about the transcript will be posted on the website during the final week of the program. Following the instructions provided in the announcement. Transcripts will be sent sequentially starting two weeks after the program ends. 

03 How should students prepare for IWC courses?

Students have a full responsibility to prepare for their selected course materials. Please refer to the course syllabus and check the course materials. Students may contact the Professors directly regarding additional course materials needed for the ISC courses. 

04 How can I apply for a visa?

Student are responsible to apply for the correct type of visa at the Korean Embassy or Consulate Office in advance. Please refer to the visa & Insurance page for further details. 

05 How do I add a course or make any changes after I submit my applicaion?

You can change your application in Apply & Pay - View/Change Application menu before registration deadline. After that, please contact to us via email (isc@korea.ac.kr) to change your application status. 

06 When will I receive a letter of acceptance?

You will be notified within 2 weeks after you pay the application fee and send the required documents at isc@korea.ac.kr. If you haven't received the letter or need it urgently, please contact us by email. 

07 Payment by credit card doesn't work well

1. Flywire operates well in Chrome and Safari browser. Please try using another browser.

2. If your credit card does not support international payments. In this case, please consider using alternative methods like Direct Transfer.

08 How do I know whether my payment went through?

You can check your payment status on the view/change application page. If you have made the payment through Flywire, it can take between 1 hour to 1 day, depending on the payment method. If you chose Direct Transfer, you can expect confirmation within 4 to 7 working days. 

09 What happens if I have overpaid for the fee?

If the overpaid amount is over $50, please send an email to KU ISC to apply for a refund. Please note that refunds for amounts less than $50 are not possible considering the transfer fees. 

10 What is the cancellation and refund policy?

Please refer to the Registration - Fees Menu for further details. 

11 What are the academic expectations for students?

Students are expected to be familiar with the course and website. You can download the course syllabi from ISC program -> Courses menu. Students are advised to preview the course information on the ISC website prior to arrival in Korea University. 

Students are expected to attend class everyday as “Class Participation” is a part of our grading policy. Students must also complete a high volume of reading and homework assignments. 

12 What if I arrive late for my program?

All students are expected to be present for the first day of class. If you cannot arrive for the first day of class, you should notify your professors asking for permission to your late arrival. The professors’ contact information is provided on their course syllabus. 

13 What kinds of extracurricular programs are available at KU ISC?

KU ISC students can taste the unique culture of Korea by going on various day trips to places like visiting amusement park and participating in K-Culture Class. Please refer to the ISC Program - Cultural Activities menu for details. 

14 How can I transfer credits to my home institution?

Students are advised to consult with the appropriate academic authorities regarding credit transferability at their home institutions in advance. They will probably ask for our academic calendar, policies, and course syllabi. Before the consultation, please prepare those from the ISC Program menu. 

15 When is the payment deadline?

The payment deadline is Friday May 24th, 2024. Please pay all fees (application, tuition fee and miscellaneous expenses) by the payment deadline.