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Korea University International Summer Campus

Welcome to KU ISC

KU International Summer Campus (KU ISC)




Korea University International Summer Campus (KU ISC) provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn about Korea through academic and cultural immersion during the summer months. It offers one semester's load of work condensed into six weeks and four weeks, during which renowned academics teach both domestic and international students. This program is open to current college students who wish to study in Korea but may not be able to do so during the regular academic year.


The core of ISC rests in the quality of its courses, faculty members and students. Academic credits earned at ISC are recognized worldwide and are typically transferred to the students' home institutions. About 120 course offerings cover a wide range of subjects pertaining to international issues, with a particular emphasis on Business, Economics, Humanities, Sociology, Fine Art, International Relations, Science and Korean Studies. International faculty members from prestigious universities in the US, Europe and Asia provide students with world-class education and research experience.



Prominent Academics

KU ISC offers an opportunity for prominent international scholars and students to engage in lively discussions in English. 50 distinguished academics from the world's top universities, including Cornell University, SUNY-Binghamton and Emory University, taught more than 100 courses.



KU opens its door to a truly global student body by offering the ISC program to both international and Korean students. In 2019, over 1,970 students participated from 300 institutions in about 50 countries in the world.


Cultural Experience

Interact with student assistants and buddies! The KU Buddy Program is designed to ensure that students are comfortable in their new surroundings. With their KU buddies, students can practice Korean language skills, and at the same time, be easily introduced to the local culture. They can taste the unique culture of Korea by going on various day trips to places like Korean folk Village, Gyeongbok Palace, and Lotte World. Also, there are extra-curricular activities such as Taekwondo and K-Pop dance.


Internship Opportunity

Catch the opportunity to gain ample experience in various career fields through internships at companies or national organizations in Korea. Students will not only acquire professional skills and knowledge, but will also grow as future leaders by experiencing corporate culture.


KU Network

Become a member of Korea University Alumni by attending the IWC or ISC for 2 years! Students who join the KU IWC or ISC twice or more are eligible to become a member of KU alumni, which has a network of over 300,000 alumni in all corners of the world.