Dear students,

The application deadline for the 2024 KU ISC is until Friday, May 17th, 17:00 Korean Standard time.

  ※ If you missed the application deadline due to time differences or other reasons, please send an email to with the course you want to register.

  ※ For system maintenance, changes to course registrations are restricted from the end of the application deadline until the start of the program (cancellation and addition are still allowed). If you have unavoidable circumstances requiring a change to your course, please send an email.

Some courses are nearly approaching full capacity. Please note that the following courses are almost full.

[Nearly Full Capacity]

ISC181 [In-person] Media, Art, Culture and Society / 90% full (24. 05. 13. update)

ISC285B [In-person] Media and Popular Culture in Korea / 80% full (24. 05. 13. update)

Thank you,