Dear Students,

The KU ISC Office has decided to cancel the Online Korean Language Courses: IKL211C, IKL222C, and IKL311C

[IKL211C] [Online only] Beginning Korean Ⅰ (6W / P1) > Cancelled

[IKL222C] [Online only] Beginning Korean Ⅱ (6W / P2)Cancelled

[IKL311C] [Online only] Intermediate Korean Ⅰ (6W / P3)Cancelled

Instead, students are encouraged to register for In-person Korean Language courses. Below is the list of available In-person Korean Language Courses for registration:

[IKL211A] Beginning Korean Ⅰ (4W / P3)

[IKL211B] Beginning Korean Ⅰ (6W / P5)

[IKL222A] Beginning Korean Ⅱ (4W / P3)

[IKL222B] Beginning Korean Ⅱ (6W / P5)

[IKL311A] Intermediate Korean Ⅰ (4W / P3)

[IKL311B] Intermediate Korean Ⅰ (6W / P5)

[IKL313A] Intermediate Korean Ⅱ (4W / P3)

[IKL313B] Intermediate Korean Ⅱ (6W / P5)

[IKL411A] Advanced Korean Ⅰ (6W / P5)

We appreciate your understanding.

KU ISC Office