Hello, this is the KU ISC team. 

This is to follow-up on the important notice given by the Korean Government. 

Below is the notice that went out previously:

※︎Due to a sudden notice by the Ministry of Education, ALL students who will be staying in On-Campus Accommodation are required to submit a vaccine confirmation for the first and second dose of measles vaccination. ※︎

There will be no exceptions to this requirement, so please see the instructions below:

- Submit original or copy of measles vaccine confirmation (both first and second dose) when checking-in

- If vaccine confirmation is not submitted, you will not be able to check-in. If unable to submit vaccine confirmation, please note that you will not be able to get a full refund for your dormitory fees if you cancel on the day of check-in and after.

- If unable to get measles vaccine before check-in date, please cancel your dormitory application ahead of time (for full refund), and arrange your own accommodation outside of campus.

We have contacted both the Korean Government and the Dormitory office to receive detailed information regarding the vaccination document. 

Please read the following frequently asked questions we have received from our students:

1. What specific document is needed?

Any OFFICIAL document that was issued by a certified clinic, hospital or government is accepted. Maternity notes, or any form of record that is not official, are not accepted. Our office will not be accepting or confirming any documents in advance. Please do not send them to us for confirmation.

2. Are there any limits on the vaccination date?

No, there are no limits upon when you received your vaccination.

3. Which vaccination is required?

Any measles vaccination or MMR is accepted. The document(s) must show that both doses (1st and 2nd) have been received. An antibody test will also be suffice.

4. What if I were vaccinated in different countries?

If you were vaccinated in different countries for each dose, please provide a document for each dose taken. The document does not need to be in English or Korean. However, the word "Measles" or "MMR" must be in English or Korean.

5. How to submit the documents?

Please submit a hard copy of your document(s) to your RA when you check-in. Online documents will not be accepted. An unoriginal hard copy or a printing a scan of the original document is accepted.

If you have further questions about the measles vaccination, please contact us.

Thank you.

Best regards,

KU ISC Office